Contact information
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Birthdate and place 25.12.1981 - Constanta, Romania
2004 - 2006 University "Ovidius" from Constanta, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics - Master in Computative Mathematics and Modern Tehnics of Modelation
2000 - 2004 University "Ovidius" from Constanta. Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics.
Relevant Experience - short description
2010 - present Consultant at "IBM Romania", Bucharest
2008 - 2010 Consultant at "Clarity Systems SRL", Bucharest
23.10.2007 - 10.2008 Programmer engineer at "UNIC SOL SRL", Bucharest
13.11.2006 - 16.10.2007 Database Developer at S.C SB SOL GROUP S.R.L, Bucharest
20.02.2006 - 13.11.2006 Programmer engineer at S.C DATASIS PROSOFT S.R.L, Bucharest
06.09.2005 - 20.02.2006 Computer science and mathematics teacher at Carmen Sylva secondary school, Eforie Sud, Constanta
Romanian Native language
English Good
Italian Medium
French Beginner
Behaviors, skills and abilities
Information technology
  • Knowledge of operating system Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista as user and as administrator.
  • Programming languages known: C#, Visual .NET technologies, Java, Visual Basic.
  • Scripting languages: PHP
  • Data and version control systems known: Microsoft Visual Source and Concurent Versions System
  • Database experience: MsSQL Server 2000/2005, MySQL 5, Access, knowledge as user, administrator and programmer
  • Other programs and tools application I have used extensively: Microsoft Office Suite, Internet Explorer/Firefox, CD/DVD Burning programs, archiving tools (WinACE, WinRAR, WinZIP), Beyond compare.
  • I have experience in administrating and maintaining WEB sites tools in HTML, maintain and provide content for WEB sites, knowledge of Javascript and CSS.
Other skills and abilities
  • mature and ambitous
  • strong verbal and written communication skills
  • communication and organizer abilities
  • responsibility, initiative and auto organization
  • team player
  • perfectionism
  • willing to learn, capacity of rapid learning
  • capacity to work under stress and in stress conditions
  • availability to work after program hours and to make official trips in job interest
  • analytical thinking, planning and development skills
  • writing technical documentation, unit tests
Relevant Experience - details
Position description: Programmer engineer 23.10.2007 - still working
Company description: “UNIC SOL SRL”, Bucharest (
UNIC SOL is a romanian company which creates software products. Web Development in PHP 5.0, MySQL application development in C#.NET, MSSQL Server 2005.
Department: IT
Job description:
       Develop the web applications.
       Testing the web applications.
       Develop desktop applications.
       Testing desktop applications.
       Database architecture.
       Database development.
       Database maintainence.
Position description: Database Developer 13.11.2006 - 16.10.2007
Company description: S.C SB SOL GROUP S.R.L is a member of RTC Holding and is the division of IT solutions.
Department: IT Software
Job description: Development of IT solutions and customize solutions, development made in SQL Server.
Position description: Programmer engineer 20.02.2006 - 13.11.2006
Company description: S.C DATASIS PROSOFT S.R.L, Bucharest - company working in the database/devlopment field for foreign companies.
Department: IT Softeare
Job description: Implementation of Datalog in MatBase application using the semantics of the least fixed point of the corresponding relational algebra equations. Implementation realized in MSSQL 2000 and C#.Net Framework programming language.
Position description: Compouter Science and Mathematics Teacher 06.09.2005 - 20.02.2006
Company description: Carmen Sylva secondary school
Department: Education
Job description: Working as computer science and mathematics teacher.
Achievements: Organize a computer science club.