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Birthdate and place 05.01.1973 - Bucharest, Romania
2004 - 2006 Executive MBA at INDE institute (CNAM (Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers) Paris - ASE Bucharest -
November 2003 - May 2004 Project Management at CODECS - The Open University
March - May 2002 Intellectual Property at WIPO Worldwide Academy
1991 - 1996 Computer Science at University "Politehnica" of Bucharest - UPB - "Facultatea Automatica si Calculatoare", bachelor graduated in 1996
1987 - 1991 Mathematics-physics at "Lyceum of Metrology", Bucharest
Relevant Experience - short description
02.11.2012 - 06.08.2015 Producer and Life game manager - Company: "UBISOFT Entertainment", Bucharest
16.09.2010 - 01.04.2014 CTO - Chief Technical Officer - Company: "Smartree Romania srl", Bucharest
11.05.2009 - 15.09.2010 Software Department Manager - "Analytika International IT-Management Consulting srl", Bucharest
February 2007 - May 2009 General Manager at "UNIC SOL SRL", Bucharest
01.08.1996 - 16.02.2007 Project manager (after senior software engineer) at "UBISOFT Entertainment", Bucharest
21.03.2005 - 21.08.2006 Producer of "Forum Bursier" talk show at "Radio MIX FM", Bucharest
01.03.1994 - 01.09.1995 Project Manager and Analyst Programmer at "Dynamic Design SRL", Bucharest
01.06.1993 - 01.09.1993 System and Network Administrator at “Castel SRL”, Bucharest
Romanian Native language
English Good
French Medium
German Beginner
Behaviors, skills and abilities
        I am a well-organized, independent person with a proactive attitude, with a good team working experience in an international environment. I am task-focused and I can identify the problems and face them, finding the best solution in the available time. I want always to evolve in my life. I want to do the things better and better and expect this approach from every person.
Management and project management
  • I had responsibilities of negotiating, setting the price and market promotion for some products.
  • Knowledge of general finance and accounting procedures and activities, SWOT analysis.
  • Prepare budgets and business plans
  • I had responsibilities regarding the financial result.
  • Subordinates 1-15
  • Managed budgets: 500 000 USD
  • Project management - set the work breakdown structure and activities management, schedule timeframe and milestones management, also resource management.
  • I took part of the Administration Board (General shareholders meetings)
Radio and Media
  • Knowledge of specific radio activities involved in the creation of a talk show
Information technology
  • Knowledge of operating system Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, UNIX, VMS, Linux, MS-DOS as user and as administrator.
  • Network experience TCP/IP, IPX, Novell - Netware 3.11 & 3.12
  • Programming languages known: C, C++/Visual C++, C#, Visual .NET technologies, Visual Basic, Pascal, Assembler 80x86, LISP, ML, SCHEME
  • Scripting languages: PHP, LUA
  • Parallel and distributed programming languages known: C-LINDA, GLENDA, Paralaxis, Pascal FC, Synchronizing Resources (SR)
  • Familiar with UML, Rational Rose, MFC, ATL/WTL, OOP, component and interface oriented programming technologies, data driven architecture, XML, Install Shield.
  • Data and version control systems known: VSS and NXN
  • Database experience: MsSQL, MySQL, Access, Oracle – knowledge as user, administrator and programmer
  • Other programs and tools application I have used extensively: Microsoft Office Suite, Internet Explorer/Firefox, FTP tools, CD/DVD Burning programs, archiving tools (WinACE, WinRAR, WinZIP), Beyond compare; also I’m familiar with Macromedia flash editor, Adobe Photoshop, ACDSee, RAD video tools, XML editors.
  • I have experience in administrating and maintaining WEB sites under LINUX OS, create WEB and multimedia presentation creation and design tools in HTML and flash, maintain and provide content for WEB sites.
Other realizations

       I was teaching the "Data flow and data management" course in the 2003 B.E.S.T. summer school named "Fantasy meets reality. Design your own game!" in Bucharest.

       Starting with 2002 I have begun my direct investments on the Bucharest Stock Exchange market. Also in 2004 I had some investments on the FOREX spot market.

       I am a member of The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences from US, because of my activities in the computer game industry.

       In 2002 with some of my work colleagues, I was involved in a basketball team and we had participated in a basketball competition. I was involved as coach and had played as pivot. We had won the fifth place out of twelve. It was a good thing for knowing each other and good for develop our teamwork abilities. Now I am member of RoSQL basketball team.

       Brainbench certificates: ( use View Public Transcript with no: 4719532): Business Concepts(US), Bussiness Math, Project management, Project management(2000), MS Excel 97, C

       I have clear driving license since 1994 (B category).

Relevant Experience - details
Position description: Producer and Live game manager - 02.11.2012 - 05.08.2015 (full time job)
Company description: "UBISOFT Entertainment", Bucharest
Department: Management
Job description:
        Live game manager for Galaxy Life - an F2P online game about building a little economy to support lot of battles. Released on platforms: Facebook ( ), IOS (Apple), Android (GGL and AMZ)
       - As a Live Game Manager, I was responsible for Galaxy Life development and business case. My responsibility was to operate the product in a profitable and sustainable way by leading the entire development and maintenance team, to prioritize their work according to the product's strategic business goals I decide.
       - My responsibilities also involved:
       - Leading the game team composed by programmers, marketing F2P manager, designer, graphic artist, QA, Customer manager, mentoring, do appraisal and developing them as people manager.
       - Using analysis of key metrics to identify & implement new design features, product improvements and steps to improve the game monetization.
       - Ensuring a strong return-on-investment focus with respect to Marketing, Product Development and Customer Relations.
       - Validating investments and budgets, controlling & forecasting costs and revenues.
       - Ensuring a customer-centric approach.
       - Producer for The Settlers Online and Silent Hunter - free to play online games, built by international distributed teams with Blue Byte Ubisoft Germany and Ubisoft Bucharest.
       - Leading a 16 persons team built from zero and made the needed hiring and selection processes. 3 teams - programming, design and QA, each of them with a team manager.
       - Managed the budget of about 1 mil USD/year and the project scope day by day
       - Organize the production environments, processes and procedures, made performance reviews and annual appraisals
Position description: CTO (Chief Technical Officer) - 15.09.2010 - 01.04.2012 (full time job)
Company description: "Smartree Romania srl", Bucharest ( ) - HR outsourcing company.
Department: Management
Job description:
       Cristian is managing the Software development, Implementation, Maintenance and support teams and the IT Manager for three internal developed solutions and was involved in every IT and technical related decision in the company.
       He negotiated the contracts with the technical services suppliers (mobile and fix data transfer, server hosting, printers and servers maintenance, being involved in any technical and IT related purchasing decisions).
       Then, I have continued to develop and manage the Unic Sol business and make several jobs related to development of an online trading platform for the Bucharest stock exchange market for WBS Holding.
       Setting the internal procedures and how the departments and teams are working. He was in charge with the management of the everyday work, coordinating the IT department and supervises the teams and managers.
       - Manage 3 teams: Development with around 15 software developers divided in 3 teams, Implementation with around 7 persons, Support about 10 persons, IT Manager
       - Reduced the overall IT cost with about 60% by negotiating the contracts with the technical services suppliers.
Position description: Software Department Manager - 11.05.2009 - 15.09.2010 (full time job)
Company description: "Analytika International IT-Management Consulting srl", Bucharest ( - Software developing company for logistics and transportation markets and ANOFM project subcontractor.
Department: Management
Job description:
       Manage the software development department and be involved in all the IT related decisions in the company.
       He negotiated the contracts with the technical services suppliers (mobile and fix data transfer, server hosting, printers and servers maintenance, being involved in any technical and IT related purchasing decisions).
       He was involved in CV selection, interviews and final decision for hire the department collaborators. He has started to develop the department from scratch.
       Setting the internal procedures and how the department works.
       He was in charge with the management of the everyday work of the department and also with the project management of the migration of the company logistic solution from Informix to C# and MS-SQL. He was using Agile/Scrum methodology for the project management of this migration.
       He had built different offers, financial and technical, for the auctions and the contracts where the company was participating in.
       He was involved in business development and sales of the company products in Romania. He represents the company, from technical point of view, on the Romanian market.
       - In May 2010, he and his team finished the development process of the transport solution named "Frasped NG Basic" (English-German-Romanian localized version) and he successfully launched it on the Romanian market. In July 2010, the same application was launched on the Austrian and German markets.
       - Decided the solution and data architecture of the transport and logistics software solution (named "Frasped NG Basic") he has developed with his team and managed the every day work, including from technical point of view.
       - He has decided about the team organization and how it will work with Resharper, Visual VSN, Janus controls and Mirage licensing system.
       - He had interviewed the software engineers and decided the final candidates. He was also involved in the final salary negotiation.
       - Because it was a new company, first he was involved in building up the company network with Active Directory, servers, gateway, firewall and switches and about 15 computers. He have decided the network structure and put it into place, using his hardware knowledge.
Position description: Manager - 02.2007 - 05.2009 (full time job)
Company description: "UNIC SOL SRL", Bucharest ( - UNIC SOL is a company that I have started.
Department: Management
Job description:
       UNIC SOL activates in the IT and management domain offering consultancy and software solutions.
       First contract was a consultant contract of project management with UBISOFT Entertainment, from Paris.
       Then, I have continued to develop and manage the Unic Sol business and make several jobs related to development of an online trading platform for the Bucharest stock exchange market for WBS Holding.
       I and my collaborators have also developed the site and community related to investments and stocks exchange trading activities.
       - Developed an online stock exchange trading platform for Romanian stock exchange market built in C# and MSSQL, using the .NET technologies. He did the project management and also the business and system analyze. He was also involved in the programming of some important modules regarding the multithreading and the link with the BVB (Bucharest Stock Exchange) server. Video platform presentation
Position description: Project Manager - 08.1996 - 16.02.2007 2007 (full time job) (after several years of working as software engineer and senior software engineer)
Company description: "UBISOFT Entertainment", Bucharest
       UBISOFT is the Romanian subsidiary of UBISOFT Entertainment, a French company that produces, publishes, distributes and sells computer games. It is in top 5 in the computer gamming industry all over the world. (For more information please check /
Department: Production Department
Job description:
  1. Project manager:
    Follow the entire project life cycle:
    • Building a first cost estimation and feasibility tests for the project.
    • Getting the project approved by the marketing and business department
    • Setting the planning and the milestones for the project
    • Negotiating the time schedule and the budget for the project
    • Finding subcontractors and work with them to finish the project in the allocated time and budget.
    • Following the entire project development until the end of the project.
    • Training the development team about the special procedures that might be needed.
    • Making advises for the marketing department about the different approach that should be taken into account in different projects.
    • Making the closing project delivery documentation and the post mortem project conclusions.

    I was project manager on multiple projects on the same time. In the achievements section you can find the name of some of the projects I had managed.

  2. Before working as a project manager, I was working as senior software engineer. For this part of my career I was doing:
    Developing and maintaining software solutions used for graphical purpose or participate at creating games. I was involved in all the stages of development of different programs and games, from designing program behavior and program architecture to finish the program and give it to the final client including building installation kit and localization of the program.
       Lead projects from the beginning to the end and finish them in time and budget. I was working as project manager in localization department with the following companies and titles:
       UBISOFT (French): Silent Hunter 3 and 4, Trolls - Hair Affair, Blazing Angels 1 and 2, CSI 3, Settlers gold.
       Microsoft (U.S.): Dungeon Siege 2, Age of Empires 3 and the 10 patches for it.
       Taito (Japanese company): Over G
       Game Loft(U.K.): Asphalt 2
       Those titles were designed for PC, Wii, PS3, PS2, DS, XBOX, X360 or GBA platforms and for each title were several projects, for several languages as English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Polish, Russian, Hungarian, Slovakian, Japanese, Chinese. For each language I used translation companies as subcontractors, using a team of 5-20 collaborators.

       As software engineer I was participated at developing different games or tools for create animations, design and build game levels, design and build GUI (Graphic User Interface) or menus and other parts for different games.
       I have participated at development of different part of the follow games from databases for different characteristics of the games to GUI and AI. (Puma World Football 98 (World Soccer '98), Tonic trouble, Rayman 2, Speed Challenge - Jacques Villeneuve's Racing, The Settlers - Heritage of kings, Harpoon 4, Dragon's Layer - XBOX, CSI - XBOX; for more details please check )
       Making research jobs about the portability of the code written for Windows 95/98/NT to other platforms as Linux (UNIX systems) and consoles (as Sonny Ps2, Game Cube, XBOX). Also, study an easy way to cross-platform programming. I also have developed security protection for different products.
       I was working as programmer at the localization of different games as: Prince of Persia - The Sand of Time, Rainbow 6 - Athena Sword, Sprinter Cell 2 - Pandora Tomorrow, Prince of Persia - Warrior Within, and Sprinter Cell 3 - Chaos Theory - all UBISOFT titles, Zoo Tycoon 2 and patches - Microsoft titles.
       Change different parts of the programs to meet the different language requirements; integrate specific sound/video/texts for different languages (Czech, Hungarian, Slovak, Russian, Polish and Japanese), change the installation program (Install Shield or others), tracking and negotiating the changes with distributors and other people involved.

       For most of the programs I was used C or C++ programming languages under Visual C or Visual .NET, some of them using the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) or ATL/WTL, under Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP operating system, using VSS or NXN as version control systems.
       The projects I participated in were built by French / Canadian / German - Romanian teams.

Position description: Talk show producer - 21.03.2005 - 21.08.2006
       I am one of the two creators of the talk show: "Forum Bursier". You may download from all of our shows for free in mp3 file format from "Inregistrari \ Forum Bursier" section or I can provide you with the records of the shows in mp3 file format.
Company description: Radio "MIX FM", Bucharest - Mix FM is a national network of radio stations. (More information at
Department: Economical
Job description:
       As a talk show author I choose the subject of the show, the guests, choose the questions and the materials that we discuss about, talking with the guests on the live show.
       I had an audience of 7.5% from the people who are listen radio between 18:30-19:00 all over the area covered by radio MIX. We archived that, starting in March 2005 and the media research was done in November 2005. On the other hand, the MIX FM target is the business sector, so, much of our listeners are high-educated persons, knowing or willing to know more about stock market and investment opportunities, the subject of our talk show.
       This is a project started with a friend, Daniel Iancu, in order to teach the public about the mechanisms of the BVB stock exchange market and other financial ways to invest and manage the money that each person have. Daniel Iancu was my colleague in the creation of this talk show until 16.05.2006, and then I have continued to do the show by myself. In August 2006 the radio station was sold and the new owner has changed the radio orientation from business to a general-commercial approach of the programs and our contract was canceled.
Position description: Project Manager and Analyst Programmer - 03.1994 - 09.1995
Company description: "Dynamic Design SRL", Bucharest. It was a small company working in the media / publicity field.
Department: IT Department
Job description: Developing and maintaining different programs. Manage all the company's PCs from software and hardware point of view.
I have developed a software package for publicity. Mainly it was displaying animation from different file format on big LED matrix signs (1.5x2, 3x5 meters or bigger) using C and Assembler 80x86 languages. In addition, I have developed a program for internal balance account of the company (database management and all the other accounting – economical stuff) using C/C++ language.
Position description: System and Network Administrator - 06.1993 - 09.1993
Company description: "Castel SRL", Bucharest
Department: IT
Job description: Install and maintain IT equipment and related software for a local network using Novell 3.12; Database administrator.
Actual areas of interest
Business and improve my management and interpersonal skills, computers, stocks markets.